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Fil Sense

“smooth touch”

Exporplás S.A. offers landscaping markets all types of applications related to visual and/or decorative uses. It can be applied outdoors, in private gardens or public spaces, among other locations, as well as indoors for decorative purposes.


*The FIL Sense range is a sophisticated grass yarn with an enduring density and genuine softness, providing exceptional comfort. One of the benefits of FIL Sense is that it is a perfect, natural-looking alternative to grass, saving a lot of time and resources. Composed of the latest-generation fibres, strong monofilament yarn with a natural look, this synthetic grass yarn with superior thickness, maintains its lush appearance all year round.Combining all environmental best practices with 100% recycling capability, this product can be used even in the most protected and fragile environments, as well as under the most extreme weather conditions.
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