Our Research and Development department created a range of high technical performance products, intended to diversified industrial applications, in order to satisfy the demands of the global market.

By using first quality raw materials in the production of our yarns, monofilaments and tapes of various colors and lengths, we always obtain high quality and technical performance products.

Focusing on investment and development taking into consideration our clients needs, is Exporplás S.A. philosophy.

It is with this spirit, with our young team, highly qualified and motivated, and with a strong degree of progression and development that we believe to have all the necessary requirements to continue being even more competitive, offering at the same time products with high added value.

Strategic Vision:
Exporplás S.A. has as its standard, the continuous development of its products, guaranteeing high quality level, sustainability and competitiveness.

We have modern equipments and computerized machinery, which guarantees a higher precision in the production. So it is with our modern extrusion lines, completely automated and complemented by the most recent equipments in the twisting, winding and packaging areas.

State of the art technology:
Exporplás S.A. was built, strongly grew and continues to grow due to a persistent investment on advanced manufacturing processing lines that ensure top quality and high reliable products.

Our engineers have developed a manufacturing process that includes all required vectors to obtain innovative products with the best expected quality and the longest projected service life. High tech machinery associated to an experienced and motivated team ensure high quality solutions.
Our production lines are mostly based on state of the art extrusion technology. These extrusion processes combined with strong development and the most recent testing equipments allows us to have a rigorous and thorough system quality control.