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Agriculture / Horticulture

In the agriculture and horticulture market we offer a wide range of synthetic twines. The polypropylene twines are produced with high quality virgin raw materials offering a strong UV protection, wear resistance and breaking strength.

Fishing / Aquaculture

In the field of fishing and aquaculture we provide a broad variety of products, with specific technical characteristics, such as strong abrasion resistance, longevity, floating ability and good flexibility.


Our R&D department has developed solutions and high technical performance products destined to different applications in general industry and packaging such as twines, monofilaments, yarns, ropes and fibrillated tapes.


Exporplás S.A., produces concrete reinforcement fibres, made in polypropylene and polyethylene, developed to the construction market, with different technical specifications and features.

Artificial Grass

We offer different types of monofilaments for the production of artificial grass designed for landscape and sports applications. Exporplás S.A. grass yarns division is driven by customer focus and ensures top quality synthetic yarns.

Founded in 1981, Exporplás S.A. is a leading Portuguese company in production and exporting of high performance synthetic ropes, yarns, twines and fibres. We have two production sites, totaling 40.000m². Our main production site is strategically located in Portugal, just 35 km from Oporto's harbor and airport. The second production site is located in Nacala, Mozambique...